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The very name of the company, Solar India shouts aloud the purpose of it's existence that is to make every Indian residential, commercial and industrial places installed electrical products, go solar. We have been operating in this competitive industry with business roles of manufacturer and wholesaler with sheer brilliance as we aim to serve simply the best to our customers. Power saving products such as Solar Torch, Solar Lamps, Solar Charge Controller, Solar Garden Lights, Solar Led Garden Lights, Solar Cooker etc., are offered by us at reasonable prices because we believe that in the process of going 'Solar' money shouldn't be a hindrance. Through the medium of diverse supply channels, we have been providing a wide impressive line of quality-approved products which are energy efficient, eco-Friendly and cost-effective.

Letting Our Earth Breathe

Somewhere in the process of making our lives better with the introduction of electrical appliances and other products such as Solar Garden Lights, Solar Led Garden Lights, which consumes more power results in depletion of natural resources and leaves disastrous impact on environment upon operation, we're restricting our mother earth to breathe and feel free. Would not we feel handicapped when our organs are separated from the body? Obviously we will. The same way, usage of traditional lighting systems and electrical products would sooner or later separate the fresh air, flora and fauna from the ecosystem. Hence, with the motive of 'Let Earth Breathe', our company has came into existence. We have been making attempts to replace incandescent bulbs and maximum power consuming electrical products from the year 2013. Extracting sun's energy, electrical products offered by us work for long without affecting environment. 

Never Run Out of Light with Solar India

Depletion of natural resources which generates power such as coal, oil and other fossil fuels hint towards an environment shrouded with a layer of darkness. Passing on to future generation is not singularly manners and values but a healthy environment, that never runs out of sunshine, is a responsibility of an intelligent society. Companies which are working with a motive to make Solar Power Energy rise above traditional forms of power generation are welcomed at our business unit because to such business units we offer our wide impressive line of Solar Products which are renewable, cost-effective and safer for the environment

Why Choose Us?

Beneath cited are certain reasons of choosing us
  • Customer-focused business approach
  • Quality-focused business approach
  • Flexible payment structure
  • Wide distribution network
  • Increased profits

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